Your Roof Leak A Flashing Problem?

Your Roof Leak A Flashing Problem?

Most people do not take a quick trip up their ladder to see what is going on their roof. Unless they have a leak of course. Even then, because getting on a roof and strolling around to look for a roof leak problem area is just not something that is comfortable for many homeowners, they do not see that many times the roof leak they see dripping into the interior of the home can be attributed to improper installation of flashing and counter flashing.

A Roof Leak Could Be From The Chimney Flashing

As you can in the “before” photo above, there is a serious problem with the flashing installation around this chimney – you can bet on this causing an interior leak from your roof. The step flashing was not caulked correctly and rain water will absolutely come between the brick and the step flashing. The counter flashing is missing entirely exposing the gap between the shingles and the brick to rain as well. Both sides of this chimney had common problems associated with improper and missing original installation techniques that are essential for properly installed chimney flashing.

Flashing Repair Is A Smart Fix

After Chimney Flashing Repair
After Chimney Flashing Repair

Though the flashing problem pictured is not the only reason a roof may leak, we do run into this particular problem frequently – and there is really no reason to skip installing flashing and counter flashing correctly when the roof was originally installed.

As you can see in the after photo, the chimney flashing repair consisted of installing the flashing and counter flashing correctly, completely preventing the roof from leaking from this area.

The take away is this: The source of a roof leak can be tricky to find sometimes, but the good news is that much of the time your roof leak originates in common places on a roof, like this chimney flashing repair, and is easily one of the most frequent repairs a roofing professional makes.

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I called to tell you what an awesome job you did on our roof! We are extremely happy with the work and we want to express our thanks for making the whole experience easier than expected. We passed your name to a friend down the street from us! Thanks again!

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I just want to drop you an email letting you know how great my new roof looks!  I really appreciate you helping me pick out the color that would make my house look great. It does look great and I can't get over that you didn't destroy my shrubs! Thanks again for making my house look beautiful!


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We needed a new roof and asked for a referral (our neighbor is a plumber). We were really happy with the roof work, very fast, and they kept everything tidy. We ended up hiring the same company to paint the exterior of our house too. Very pleased with the work. Would recommend to anyone.

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Mr. Kash,
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My husband says to tell Kash the gutters are perfect, he loves them, the work is wonderful. We really do appreciate it!

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We really love your work. So good of you to keep things picked up and organized while you were working on our house. Everything is completed now and we are enjoying our lovely wood floors.

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