Bright Idea – Skylight On A Storage Shed

Bright Idea – Skylight On A Storage Shed

We found a bright idea to share for storage shed lighting. It’s environmentally friendly (green), and solves a  problem many of us have encountered – namely rummaging around in a dimly lit storage shed looking for a tool or a box. Boy, looking for something while holding a flashlight is a frustrating exercise in patience and perseverance; you find your object of desire, and then have to figure out how to retrieve it using both hands while STILL holding onto the flashlight!
Skylight Installation

Bright Idea – Skylight Installation for a Storage Shed

When we decided to build our storage shed (ok, it was a honey-do project for my husband, the contractor, in the slower season of our business in late fall), I had a list of specific wants and needs built into the shed and I am one tough customer…just ask my husband!

 Shed Requirements

  • The shed had to match the house and be cute, not a huge eyesore in the backyard.
  • Landscaping was essential, so a trip to the landscaping store would be essential in the spring – meaning this will happen in the next couple of weeks.
  • The shed had to be sturdy – not a kit type tin can shed.
  • It had to hold the riding mower, my scooter, his 4-wheeler, the bikes and some tools.
  • It had to have sturdy shelving and lots of it.
  • It had to have lighting!

Well he said the list was totally doable and he started right away – what a great husband! If you have met him already you know grass doesn’t grow under his feet, he says he is going to do it and then it is a race to the finish line. There he was out in our yard, with our three dogs watching him intently, as he built the storage shed of my dreams. I could hear him whistling while he worked or singing along with the radio, keeping the fire going in the fire pit, power tools humming.

Lighting – Wired Or Not?

We discussed the lighting and went back and forth on whether to wire the shed for electricity or not. I desperately wanted a light in there, but the shed is so far from the house it wouldn’t be an easy or inexpensive project. We would have to hire our electrician to come over and wire it if I was to have my lighting. Also doable, but how often would we be in the shed searching for something and would we be doing this at night? Ah, probably never at night, so my brilliant husband had a brilliant idea! He had an almost brand new skylight saved from a demo project (there is future blog post: Things my husband recycles) and suggested we install it on the shed. So he did.

The Wife Is Thrilled With The New Shed

I am thrilled with the shed he built for me. It’s big, it matches the house, it is sturdy. I have my shelves AND I have lighting! That shed is beautiful. This spring we will paint the doors to match the forest green shutters on our house and visit the garden center and landscape around the shed. I have to say this storage shed is one of my favorite “honey-do” projects this year.

Terri – The contractor’s wife.

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